Galatians 01 : Freedom

Message by from Adam Brian.

Born: Everlasting Father

Part 4 of our Advent series, ‘Born’, exploring the names given to Jesus in Isaiah 9. Message by Adam Brian.

Born: Wonderful Counsellor

Part 2 in the Advent series ‘Born’ exploring Isaiah 9. Message by Adam Brian.

Gifted: APEST

Part 1 in the series ‘Gifted’ exploring what the Bible says about Spiritual Gifts. Message by Adam Brian.

OUT: Go!

Living in 3D [OUT: Go!] – Part three of the series “Living in 3D”. Message by Adam Brian

UP: Springs, Goggles & Marinade

Living in 3D [UP: Springs, Goggles & Marinade] – Part one of the series “Living in 3D”. Message by Adam Brian

The Constant Companion

Guest speaker Sarah Jones speaks about the Holy Spirit, our Constant Companion.

Immeasurably More part 2

Adam follows from John 4 in which Jesus speaks with the Samaritan woman to consider how God positions himself towards humans and therefore how we can share his being for others who don’t understand...

Immeasurably More part 1

Adam speaks on different aspects of discipleship, specifically the concepts of living and learning in the way Jesus’s own disciples would have experienced their spiritual walk with their master and how we can apply...