The Constant Companion

Guest speaker Sarah Jones speaks about the Holy Spirit, our Constant Companion.

Immeasurably More part 3

Mark focuses on the story of Zacchaeus in the gospel of Luke to examine the overwhelming forgiveness and redemption that God offers to the the worst of humanity.

Immeasurably More part 2

Adam follows from John 4 in which Jesus speaks with the Samaritan woman to consider how God positions himself towards humans and therefore how we can share his being for others who don’t understand...

Immeasurably More part 1

Adam speaks on different aspects of discipleship, specifically the concepts of living and learning in the way Jesus’s own disciples would have experienced their spiritual walk with their master and how we can apply...

Being Mission-ALL

Mark expands upon the thread of a missional church in our surrounding communities and what problems we face that can hold us back.

A Community of Generosity

Mark continues the series on the Church by discussing the generosity God offered in creation and the heart of generosity that was intended for the church to serve the world.

A Missional Family

Adam thinks about family in the church and explores the way God intended for mission by going out as opposed to waiting for people to come in.


Mark works from Ephesians 2: 14 – 22 to analyse the strengths of unity in church life and by extension the dedication of its members to each other.

Come and See

Nicola Savage begins a new series entitled ‘I love my church’ and reads from Isaiah 61 to consider the nature of an ideal church to aim towards.